Voices is a fanmade episode of Chaotic.


After conversing with Afjak's disembodied voice, Najarin seeks to recreate the time portal at Dranakis Threshold. Initially a solitary endeavor, others who heard Afjak pitch in.


Primary CharactersEdit

  • Najarin - Widely respected OverWorld High Muge. Hearing Afjak's voice, he seeks to find the necessary parts to recreate the time portal.
  • Kopond - UnderWorld High Muge. Hears the voice as well and becomes curious.
  • Afjak - Najarin's long missing son. His voice echoes across parts of Perim, shouting instructions on how to recreate the time portal at Dranakis threshold.
  • Kim Wade - Chaotic player with a trouble streak. Forced to serve Kopond after being caught and locked in a tough deal.



Afjak's disembodied voice echoes throughout parts of Perim. He informs Najarin he is alive before giving instructions on how to recreate the Dranakis Threshold time portal. Alongside the OverWorlder's father, Kopond and Kim catch some of this.

Later that day, Kim is caught in the Lava Pond after breaking into the Pyrogenousists' temple. She is brought to Kopond and forced to do the High Muge's bidding. He then tasks Kim with contacting Najarin, whom he wishes to speak with regarding Afjak's voice. The human complies, and porting to like Ken-I-Po, she is successful in delivering Kopond's message to the OverWorlder.