Logan (screen name unknown) is a male Chaotic player and one of two protagonists in the Chaotic fanfiction Today in Perim. He appears to be the leader between him and his partner, Kalman.


Logan is described as standing six feet with light olive skin, short brown hair and piercing gray eyes. He sports a stubbly goatee and wears glasses. In Side Project and Battle Royale, he wears a black tee with an "offensive message."


Logan is a Chaotic player who creates web skits with fellow player Kalman Laurent. It is unknown how long they've created videos, nor how large their following is, but it is known Today in Perim is not their only channel.

It is implied Logan may not be the most innocent Chaotic player. In Battle Royale, Nebres claims to recognize Logan from somewhere, to which the human dismisses and hastily parts.

Today in PerimEdit

Side ProjectEdit

In UnderWorld City, Logan introduces the audience to the series, describing it as a side project made from artist's block with their primary channel. He and Kalman interview a depressed Illazar, who describes the reparations for the events of Kickin' Bot, and that three creatures among those killed were family. After leaving, Logan considers cutting the interview before promising more content soon.

Battle RoyaleEdit

Logan and Kalman follow (and mishear) directions from an unnamed human to what appears to be Infernal Inn, an establishment from Colosseum Showdown. There, they interview Zalvar and Tharax on the legitimacy of the Perim Battle Royale, a pit fight between all four tribes.

After learning it is real from Zalvar, the boys take an underground tunnel into the Colosseum to avoid being seen by security. Upon getting inside, they search for the contestants to try and interview them. Finding them in a backroom, they interview Nebres, an unnamed UnderWorlder, Lyssta, Junda, and Tinnoi before having to leave as presumably supervisors enter.

From the highest and empty bleachers, Logan and Kalman record the battle royale. He comments on Tinnoi being flung across the arena and Lyssta versing an unnamed Danian. When their spells collide and cause a fireball that nearly hits Kalman and knocks him back, he disappars off screen to check on him.

He mentions in the description that he is alright, and that they're headed for the OverWorld next.


Kalman LaurentEdit

The relationship between Logan and Kalman is currently largely vague, partly due to the series' youth and the limited interaction between them. It is known they are at least partners, and so far seem to get along.